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Wm. Goodyear Co. takes pride in its “Made in the USA” label as well as its exemplary on-time shipping record. All Wm. Goodyear Co. products are designed and manufactured in the company’s Monroe, N. C., facility,

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Feeder / Pick-off Belts


  1.   Timing Belts

  2.   Helically wound corded substrate

  3.   V-belts

  4.   Transmission and flat belts


  1.   Perforation

  2.   Countersink perforation

  3.   Grooving

    1.   Chevron

    2.   Grooving laterally and

We make the premier line of pick-off and feeder belts available today.  Our products are used in automation equipment  around the world.  Our Posi-Feed® compound gives you unsurpassed performance for the life of the belt.  If you have a belting need, William Goodyear Company has the solution!



  2.   Silicone

  3.   Buna / Nitrile

  4.   Carboxylated Nitrile

  5.   Neoprene

  6.   EPDM

  7.   Hypalon

  8.   Natural rubber

  9.   SBR

  10.   Food-grade rubber

  11.   Conductive and antistatic compounds

  12.   Compounds with Teflon or Silicone
      impregnated release agents

  13.   Other custom compounds available

    upon request

  1.   Any hardness you specify