1. Roll recovering

  2. Roll fabrication

  3. Journal repair

  1. Roll pick-up and delivery

  2. Quick turnaround

  3. Superior craftsmanship

Roll services we provide:


Wm. Goodyear Co. produces solid rubber and rubber-covered rolls, urethane rolls and lathe-cut parts such as seals, gaskets and plugs.  We can provide new rolls as well as recover your old roll core.

If your old core has damaged journals we can repair them as well!

We can assist you with prototype work and small orders.  As one of our customers, you have full access to our technical team to help develop solutions to your needs.

For every production process at Wm. Goodyear Co., state-of-the-art equipment ensures a superior finished product. With a combined 120 years of experience, the company’s work force also offers clients considerable expertise through consulting and after-sales service.

Wm. Goodyear Co. regularly produces rolls maintaining the tightest tolerances in the industry.  We provide engineering support and the services of our in-house lab to meet your every need.

Wm. Goodyear Co. takes pride in its “Made in the USA” label as well as its exemplary on-time shipping record. All Wm. Goodyear Co. products are designed and manufactured in the company’s Monroe, N. C., facility.

Contact our offices at (704)225-0192 today for immediate pricing of your roll need.

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